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玩命關頭7 FURIOUS 7 Original Motion Picture

一直都很喜歡狂野時速(台灣為玩命關頭)這套電影,它的原聲黑膠也有收藏 (可惜不是每集都有黑膠原聲推出),不經不覺來到第七集了,同時也是Paul的遺作,今次這套原聲配樂黑膠大碟相當吸引,首先它是一套雙色彩膠,一張紅色,一張藍色,全球限量1,000套,是Music On Vinyl出品,信心保證,加上每套都有獨立編號,具有收藏價值。但有一點要留意,這張是原聲配樂(original motion picture score),不是原聲大碟和CD版不一樣的,但無論如何,發燒友實在不容錯過呵!!希望日後會出另一張原聲大碟黑膠 ^.^

The vinyl debut of the soundtrack from the movie “Furious 7” by Brian Tyler
Double Lp
180 Gram
First time ever on vinyl
Gatefold sleeve with drip-off laminate
Including 4 page booklet
With exclusive poster

The musical score for the 7th installment of The Fast & The Furious franchise is composed by Brian Tyler, an American composer, arranger, producer, musician, and songwriter. Tyler has composed scores for film, television and video games, including scores for the third, fourth, and fifth episodes of The Fast & The Furious.

Brian Tyler is easily one of the busiest composers around today. Tyler won Composer of the Year at the 2013 Cue Awards and was nominated for a 2014 BAFTA Award. In 2010, Tyler was inducted into the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As of May 2015 his films have grossed $9.5 billion worldwide.

When discussing the creation of the score, Tyler explained: “The music uses modern recording techniques, vintage modular synthesizers, mashed-up beats, drums and tweaked remix elements along with classic film scoring traditions including full orchestra, piano, voice and classical guitar. I am so proud of the movie, and I dedicate the score to the memory of Paul Walker and all the joy he brought.”

FURIOUS 7 Original Motion Picture Score LP
Music by Brian Tyler

1. Furious 7
2. Paratroopers
3. Awakening
4. Operation Ramsey
5. Battle of the Titans
6. Parting Ways
7. Mountain Hijack

8. Homecoming
9. Beast in a Cage
10. Homefront
11. Vow for Revenge
12. Party Crashers
13. The Three Towers

14. God’s Eye
15. When Worlds Collide
16. Remembrance
17. Hobbs Is the Cavalry
18. Operation Carjack
19. A Completely Insane Plan
20. Letty and Dom

21. Heist in the Desert
22. No More Funerals
23. Hobbs vs. Shaw
24. Connected
25. About to Get Real Serious up in Here
26. Family
27. One Last Stand
28. Farewell

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