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鈦孚音響: 歷久彌新的產品,熱情不減的服務


【泰孚音響企業】自 1970 年於台北市延平南路創立以來,歷經 【太孚股份】音響硬體與音樂軟體代理並行時期,到 1988 年以 【鈦孚音響】為名至今。一路走來,除了感謝陪伴且支持我們專業音響老闆及門市同仁們的努力,也要感恩購買鈦孚代理商品的消費者。

這四十八年來,當思回顧 過去,策勵將來,最重要的還是以客為重,服務首要。以【精緻的音響美學、優質的服務團隊、永續的企業經營】為目標,一路朝向下 一個48年邁進。


鈦孚全體同仁 敬上

Taifu Audio, established on Yanping S. Road, Taipei in 1970 and went through period of Taifu Audio Hardware and Music Software Agency being together, has been named as Taifu Audio since 1988 up to now.

With all we have been through, in addition to thank the bosses and colleagues in our appointed dealers who are specified in audio profession, we also would like to appreciate the customers who bought products from us. The past 48 years inspires us to improve more in the future, most importantly, customer service is always our top priority.

“Exquisite audio esthetics, superior service team and sustainable business operation” will be our final goal and we will insist to go toward next 48 years with efforts.

Taifu Audio, with doctrines of being agent for superior brand and faithfully implementing after-sale service thoroughly in mind. proactively faces with challenges from audio market in Taiwan. Anyone who buys products agented by Taifu Agency is our eternal customer without exception; whenever our professional teams would be, they are obliged to serve you with all sincerity.

at the moment of taifu`s 48th anniversary as now, we express our appreciation particularly. Looking back on the past 48 years we have been though, we have gratitude for it in our life. We look forward to hearing your instruction and encouragement all the time. May Your future be in smooth and with success.

Truly Yours.

Taifu Audioand All Staffs

鈦孚音響: http://autek.com.tw/

鈦孚音響臉書粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/audiotaifu/

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